With a focus on computer security and specialization in behavioral analysis for insider threats, my research portfolio is characterized by rigor, practical relevance, and a commitment to scientific excellence. Here’s an overview of my key research statistics:

  • Citations: My research has been cited 110 times in total, with 69 of those citations occurring since 2018. These citations demonstrate that fellow researchers and industry experts find value in my work, recognizing its applicability and contribution to the field.

  • h-index: My h-index of 5, and 4 since 2018, emphasizes the balance between the quantity and quality of my research. It reflects not just the number of publications but also the significant impact they have made in the cybersecurity community.

  • i10-index: With an i10-index of 2 (1 since 2018), it highlights the number of influential papers that have been cited at least 10 times. This showcases the specific contributions that have resonated most strongly with my peers.

My approach to research is rooted in real-world challenges, resulting in solutions that are not only theoretically sound but practically applicable. Through collaborations, extensive evaluations, and consistent adherence to the highest scientific standards, I strive to create work that can be trusted and utilized by both academics and professionals alike.

The dedication to reliability extends across various areas of my research, including malware detection, insider threats, cloud security, and more. My aim is to continue contributing knowledge and tools that stand up to scrutiny and make a lasting impact on the field of cybersecurity.

For detailed insights, publications, and collaborations, please explore the papers mentioned below.