Kaushal Bhavsar is a technology and cyber security expert based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India).

He is one of the best researchers in cyber security and holds a PhD in use of machine learning for predicting security threats. Along with that, he is a respected mentor helping people in academics and industry in pursuing their career as researchers.


Kaushal was fascinated about computers since elementary school. In high school, he started hopping cyber cafes since he didn’t have a personal computer yet. Here he was exposed to the exciting-yet-dangerous world of cyberspace and hacking.  

After graduating from a B.Sc. degree in Electronics & Telecommunications, he was selected to join one of the topmost engineering colleges of Gujarat, LDCE, for pursuing master’s in computer applications.

During college days, he was chosen by Microsoft & Government of Gujarat to lead the student technology community across 40 top science & engineering institutions in Gujarat.

His dream to use technology for a better tomorrow solidified when he gave up an internship at Microsoft to work for a startup, where he got to flex his all-round tech muscle leading a product team, spearheading marketing team, and monitoring the security of the in-house data center.

After spending a half decade developing tech products for clients, Kaushal co-founded a cybersecurity startup BUGSKAN. He was involved in fund raising, research and development as well as customer support. BUGSKAN won several grants and awards, but failed to make a financial impact post COVID-19 pandemic.

Following that, he joined Sucuri Security where he continued his mission of securing the cyberspace while finishing his PhD research.

Kaushal Bhavsar is available for consulting in the areas of cybersecurity and technology product development.