Use Cases vs Abuse Cases

Probably the first (and the simplest thing) you might have learned as a software engineer is Use Cases. A typical use case diagram for a Contact Manager application would look like this: This is pretty handy, except that it limits the software engineer from visualizing possibilities how the program can fail. A robust software requires […]

Unconventional learning

Today I got to address a group of enthusiastic teachers at Gujarat University campus. They were interested in knowing how to bring on innovation in education. I was happy to share some of my knowledge. Since it was too hot we decided to sit under a neem tree. Did you know? A neem tree is […]

Are you the original you?

I had an interesting conversation yesterday. I will keep the person’s name anonymous but some of you might figure it out. Nevertheless, I must write this. “Hey, you are from Bizmica right?” he asked. “Actually, from Pratikar. Bizmica is our product” I replied proudly. “We met during Microsoft’s BisSpark startup challenge, remember” How couldn’t I? […]


The curtains are about to rise They want me on the stage But I am here staring at my phone Waiting for your message   The show ends with a million claps The stage turns dark as the curtains fall I sit in the corner, with the phone in my hand Waiting for your call […]

In my mind

I took the broomstick and started to sweep Under my bed, so far and so deep Your picture I wanted to find But it was there only in my mind, in my mind I took the mop and made it wet The floor was dirty with drops of sweat Your footprints I tried to find […]

Helping the Uttarakhand victims

I belong to BAPS, it’s a non-profit, religious organization working in the areas of spiritual awareness, social upliftment and global peace. I’m a volunteer i.e. unlike someone who goes to the temple for praying to God, I usually end up doing some voluntary services e.g. I handle the parking department and every Sunday at 4:30 […]