Malware analysis at MNO Corporation


MNO Corporation is a large retail company that operates a network of physical stores and an online store. The company’s IT team regularly monitors its systems for security threats, and one day they discovered a piece of malware on the company’s servers.


The presence of malware on the company’s servers was a serious concern, as it could potentially compromise the security of the company’s systems and sensitive data. The IT team needed to identify the type of malware and determine the extent of the infection in order to take appropriate action.


To address the malware threat, MNO Corporation’s IT team worked with Kaushal Bhavsar to conduct malware analysis. The firm used specialized tools and techniques to analyze the malware and determine its characteristics and behavior.

Based on the analysis, Kaushal was able to determine that the malware was a variant of a known malware family, and had likely been delivered through a phishing attack. He provided recommendations to the IT team on how to remove the malware and secure the company’s systems against future attacks.


The malware analysis was successful in identifying the type of malware and the likely method of delivery. The IT team was able to remove the malware and secure the company’s systems, which prevented the malware from spreading and causing further damage.

Overall, the malware analysis was a success for MNO Corporation, as it allowed the company to identify and remove the malware threat and take steps to prevent future attacks. The company was able to maintain the security of its systems and sensitive data.