Malware analysis at a retail chain


Alpha Retail Pvt. Ltd. is a large retail chain in India, operating both physical stores and an extensive online platform. The company’s IT infrastructure is vast and handles sensitive data, including customer information, payment details, and inventory records.


A routine security audit revealed the presence of malware within Alpha Retail’s servers. This posed a serious threat to the integrity of the company’s data and the overall security of its digital environment.

Investigation and Analysis Process

  1. Initial Detection:
    • Tool Used (Symantec Endpoint Protection): A regular scan detected suspicious activity, leading to the discovery of the malware.
  2. Malware Analysis:
    • Static Analysis (IDA Pro): I conducted a thorough examination of the malware’s code without executing it.
    • Dynamic Analysis (Cuckoo Sandbox): I also executed the malware in a controlled environment to observe its behavior and understand its functionality.
    • Network Traffic Analysis (Wireshark): Analyzed network traffic to determine how the malware communicated with its command and control servers.
  3. Identifying the Source:
    • Phishing Email Investigation: I concluded that the malware was likely introduced through a targeted phishing attack, exploiting an employee’s credentials.
  4. Remediation:
    • Malware Removal (Malwarebytes): The identified malware was removed from the affected systems.
    • System Patching: Necessary updates were applied to close the vulnerabilities that allowed the malware to infiltrate.
  5. Preventive Measures:
    • Employee Training: Conducted awareness sessions to educate employees about phishing attacks and safe online practices.
    • Implementation of Two-Factor Authentication: Enhanced security measures, including two-factor authentication.


The comprehensive analysis and remediation process led to the successful removal of the malware from Alpha Retail’s systems, without any significant data loss or downtime. The insights gained from the investigation enabled the company to bolster its security measures, thereby minimizing the risk of future malware infections.