(Note: The name of the company has been anonymized and referred to as “Alpha Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.” for confidentiality purposes.)

Alpha Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., a leading Indian manufacturing company, relied heavily on its network of servers to manage crucial operational data. Tragically, a hardware failure occurred one day, resulting in the loss of a substantial amount of vital data.


The data loss had severe implications for Alpha Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., bringing operations to a standstill and resulting in financial losses. Critical financial records, customer information, and production data became inaccessible, hindering the company’s ability to make informed business decisions.


To address this grave data loss, Alpha Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. sought my expertise. Here’s what was done:

  1. Data Retrieval (EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard): Used specialized software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to probe the damaged servers and recover as much data as possible.
  2. Hardware Analysis (Atola Insight Forensic): Opting for a tool available in the Indian market, I employed Atola Insight Forensic for a hardware-level analysis and recovery.
  3. Backup & Recovery Plan (Veeam Backup): Worked with the company to implement a robust data backup and recovery strategy using tools like Veeam Backup, including regular backups and offsite storage of essential data. This foresighted approach aimed to prevent similar incidents in the future.


The recovery efforts resulted in the following positive outcomes:

  • Data Restoration: A significant amount of the lost data was successfully recovered.
  • Operational Recovery: The company’s operations were restored, and the decision-making process was back on track.
  • Recouped Lost Revenue: The restored access to crucial data assisted in recovering some of the lost revenue.
  • Securing the Future: The newly implemented data backup and recovery plan safeguards against future data loss incidents, instilling confidence and security for Alpha Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.