Problem: Network firewalls were failing to protect against evolving web threats, and the tailored nature of web applications, APIs, or services required more personalized defense mechanisms.

Solution: I created BugShield, a solution based on ModSecurity that intelligently protected organizations from targeted web-based threats. The system continuously monitored live HTTP traffic and identified fraudulent activities. It allowed for continuous scanning to identify vulnerabilities and employed BugSense intelligence to automatically patch them without altering the source. A user-friendly interface was integrated to make the process simple for the user.

Achievement: BugShield became a robust line of defense against threats like DDoS, XSS, SQL Injection, and more, continuously adapting to emerging vulnerabilities. By integrating scan results to generate automatic WAF signatures, I provided a new layer of protection that was more resilient and flexible.

BugShield became a significant success in the cybersecurity market, marking key milestones:

  1. Raised USD 40k in seed funding, showing strong investor confidence in the product.
  2. Won awards for the best security product, underscoring its innovation and effectiveness.
  3. Successfully developed and led a team of 10 security experts, fostering collaboration and skill growth.
  4. Acquired 20+ customers in the enterprise segment, demonstrating the product’s appeal and relevance in addressing real-world security challenges.

Although BugShield is now discontinued, the experiences and insights gained from its development continue to influence my current work in cybersecurity at Sucuri.

  • December 31, 2018
  • ASP.NET | Bootstrap | C++ | ModSecurity | MySQL | Python | RabbitMQ | Redis