Anatag – QR Code Analytics Platform


There was a gap between digital and physical. People wished they could interact with information on their phones instead of taking a photo.


I made a platform where business/individuals could generate one-page profiles (like LinkTree) and link it to a QR code that could be scanned.

Some features:

  • Links to social profiles
  • Vcard download
  • Locate me (via HTML5 GPS Location)
  • Buy product
  • Contact form

SaaS platform also provided analytics for the QR Code scans along with relevant demographic parameters.


I was invited to pitch on the Techsparks Regional Roundtable in Ahmedabad on 14th July 2012.

The project was selected as one of the participants for Microsoft Appfest as a part of Guiness Book World Record attempt.

  • July 01, 2012
  • ASP.NET | Bootstrap | Jquery | Jquery Mobile | SQL Server