19/06/2013 – My Return to the Blogosphere

Hi, reader…

You may be knowing from the past or maybe you just landed here from a search engine. Either way, I feel excited to share my journey with you.

My name is Kaushal Bhavsar – I am a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a specialization in security. Like most geeks, I am passionate about new technology and like sharing what I learn.

A decade ago, blogging was my passion. I used to blog about anything and everything I experienced in life. But I forgot blogging – why?

Fast forward >> Present day

While I am thinking why my blog looks empty, it reminds me of the key events that happened in the past ten years that got me in this situation

  1. I got married – Now before you frown upon me like, “How dare you use your life partner as an excuse to do something you were to lazy to do!”, let me tell you – my partner gives me sufficient time to use the computer. She knows that it’s my “second wife” and she has well accepted the fact that sometimes, tech can get too much on my head and I forget everything else around me. The problem is me – I became introverted and secretive. I probably didn’t want to share too much of my life, and the content creation became increasingly lesser from that point. I guess, this was a behavioural change as I began a new phase in life. Even today, I would not want to share “everything” that happens around me, but at least I can share a good part of what is helpful to my readers!
  2. We got a child – So this is where I was busy most of the time. We (obviously, me and my wife) were done changing his diapers a long time ago but still, the child was our focus and in fact, we even lost focus from ourselves (and that’s how we realized that we look horrible now – but that’s for another post). Our every day was centered around the child – partly because it was exciting to recollect how we might have grown up some 25-30 years ago.
  3. I was working on a startup – It was called BUGSKAN (more about what went wrong with it, later). We made tools and tech to automate security operations for developers. This was while we were raising a 2-year-old child. So practically, I had two children – one was genetic and another was ideological. And then, at one point I had a team of 10 people including interns while I was running a one-man show both at home and work. Believe me, it is much tougher than it sounds.
  4. My mother expired – This was a year before COVID-19 started. I was off for a client meeting and she just collapsed while reaching a hospital. This was just a day after I fired my entire team so it was extremely difficult to handle two major setbacks in life. I was really shocked (all of us were) and we took about two years to come over the fact.
  5. We were infected by COVID-19 – For those of you who have been infected, you know how this feels like. Living for 14 days in the same house and being unable to talk to our child (we used to do video calls to the “ground floor”) gave me a faint picture of what an unhealthy life would look like. The experience was life-changing on a negative note.
  6. I finally finished my Ph.D. Thesis – Well, this deserves a separate blog post altogether so I am not going to write anything here. But I realized there’s something called “Post Ph.D. Depression” which you don’t know until you get out of it.

What now?

Well, now that I have given an update on what I have been up to for the last few years, I am going to restart blogging. In my journey till now, I have developed my interest in the wide spectrum of machine learning and the use of AI in cybersecurity, along with scientific research. I will be blogging on cybersecurity, startups, machine learning, and wellness based on what I have learned so far.

Until the next post, this is Kaushal Bhavsar signing off 🙂

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