Roundtable discussion on ICT at Ganpat University

This photo captures a moment from a roundtable discussion on industry expertise for ICT, held at Ganpat University, where Joohi Sinha, Dhruv Gupta, Vir Kacha, Kaushal R. Bhavsar, Ruchit Patel, and Sohan Kalsaria participated.

The discussion focused on updating the syllabus in the fields of Cloud, Mobility, and Big Data to prepare students for the rapidly changing technological landscape. It was heartening to see the University actively engaging with startups and companies to gain their inputs and suggestions on how to update their course curricula.

In the photo, the participants are seen engaged in a healthy discussion, exchanging ideas and sharing their expertise. The startups present were thanked for their participation and for contributing to the advancement of engineering education.

The roundtable discussion was a valuable opportunity to bring together experts from academia and industry to collaborate on shaping the future of engineering. It was inspiring to see the passion and commitment of the participants to prepare the next generation of technologists and innovators.

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