Makerfest Make-A-Thon 2014

This photo captures a moment from the Makeathon hardware hackathon, hosted by CIIE in partnership with MakerFest and Intel Education, where Pratikar was a sponsor.

The event brought together over 70 hackers, including students, software engineers, and hardware enthusiasts, for 48 hours of hacking and tinkering. The pristine conference and seminar rooms at CIIE were transformed into electronics labs, complete with cool-looking gadgets, circuit boards, wires, breadboards, LEDs, and a very geeky crowd.

Participants worked on their projects using development boards and kits from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, and others. IoT-based sensors and sensor kits were also available, providing participants with the tools they needed to develop cutting-edge hardware solutions.

As a mentor, I played a key role in bringing together the impressive collection of hardware from various partners for the hackers to hack. The organizers were able to provide a Google Glass, a Microsoft Kinect sensor, a LEAP Motion controller, a NueroSky MindWave headset, a Chromecast dongle, and even a 3D printer, providing a wealth of options for the participants to choose from.

The Makeathon was a great success, with participants deriving “true hacking happiness” from developing cool stuff. The event was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, and I was proud to have played a part in supporting the next generation of hardware hackers and innovators.

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