About me

I started my journey in security in the year 2003 by accidentally unleashing a credential harvesting trojan at a cyber cafe. This incident made me realize how easy and inexpensive it is to break into a person or system’s privacy and confidentiality.

In college I was the de-facto person to clean malware from lab’s computers, as well as our faculties including our Principal. I did this to analyse how malware worked and spread itself and also to build my own library of 2500+ malware samples. I spent most of my time trying different flavors of Linux and hacking Windows XP.

Then the world shifted to Web 2.0 and I knew the attack surface was going to be larger than ever. Hence I learnt web technologies and started building web applications. I explored Amazon Web Services and Azure and learnt how to architect scalable, hybrid applications by exploiting the cloud platforms. 

Meanwhile I continued my foray in security at a steady pace. I worked with many organizations including educational institutions, private companies, government and PSUs, Indian army, revenue services as well as the law-enforcement wings to help them achieve their security goals.

After almost 10 years of experience as a solo person, I co-founded BugSkan, a cyber security company which helps organizations secure their infrastructure and keep hackers at bay. 

In this website which I promise to update periodically, I will share my experiences, thoughts and observations as I tackle challenges at work and elsewhere. 

Hope you enjoy it.