Why an entrepreneur is similar to Batman

Well, who doesn’t like Batman?

This was my online identity for four years.

My online identity was “The Dark Knight”, inspired from Batman. That was in 2006, way before we knew that it was going to be a superhit film by Christopher Nolan.

I liked the original Batman – The Animated Series. It was realistic and intelligent. But Batman movies as well as the 60’s TV series (which was aired on Star Plus in the 90’s) were pathetic.

Once, an intelligent director named Christopher Nolan redefines the way the world sees this powerful legend in the movie, “Batman begins”

Today, the movie is in my list of top “inspirational movies”. I never miss it when it is on TV. That is because I believe this is one movie that emulates my life, I can really correlate it to whatever I have seen in the real world. Everytime I see it, I find a different interpretation.

So when I watched it this time I realised that there’s a striking similarity between an entrepreneur and Batman. Can’t believe? Read on!

It all starts with guilt

Bruce Wayne, when young, was afraid of bats. He gets scared because the characters of the play he’s watching with his parents seem like bats. He asks his father to out of the auditorium where a robber confronts them and shoots his parents.

Throughout his life, Bruce Wayne is considering himself responsible for the death of his parents. It’s because of this guilt that he does whatever actions possible.

An entrepreneur always starts with guilt. This guilt will first depress, and later empower him to become what he has always wanted to be.
Your fears will constantly (de)motivate you

Bruce Wayne (Batman) is afraid of bats. But he learns to fight his fear. When he actually chooses a “bat” as a symbol for himself, it is because he wants to use his fear for frightening the bad guys.

Entrepreneurs are afraid of failure. They are afraid of getting back to the “normal” life where everyone will stare at them and say, “see, he wanted to be Bill Gates but he is no different from you and me”. This fear drives them to do substantially

Your loved ones will never understand you

Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler is really protective about Bruce and he doesn’t want him to risk his own life for saving the people of Gotham. But Bruce Wayne has a different idea. He knows that he has to do it because he alone can do it and no one can.

An entrepreneur will face a lot of oppossiition from his family, friends, etc. when starting up. But he wants to do it… but no one will understand him or back him up (usually).

You will want to be more than just a person

The first thing Bruce Wayne says when he decides to do something is, “I want to become more than a man, I want to be a symbol.”

The first thing an entrepreneur will do is, drawing a logo. Now it’s not just a kid’s doodle. It is an image that represents a person’s ideology, very much like Batman.

You never get everything in life. 

Bruce Wayne had everything. Money, fame, etc. But he wasn’t happy. He was alone. He could have found someone to spend a life with, and it would be damn easy. But the very fact that whoever is closer to him will get hurt, stopped him from getting too close in people. In fact, the very girl he loved left him because she yearned for a normal person, not the one who would spend nights hunting goons.

Same happens with entrepreneurs. You might have seen how Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook after he lost the girl. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a “breakup” in order to be a successful entrepreneur. But it is a general trend that girls prefer a guy with a stable career which, ofcourse, is the only thing an entrepreneur doesn’t have.

4 thoughts on “Why an entrepreneur is similar to Batman

  1. Nice Post, I enjoyed reading it.
    I just don’t get what you mean by the first point, that all starts with guilt. Do you mean the guilt of someone who has a 9 to 5 job before he becomes an entrepreneur?

    My website is built on the concept to connect Batman with Entrepreneur topics. Please give it a look and let me know what you think 🙂


    1. Not necessarily. The guilt is mainly the “responsibility to fix something that has been spoilt earlier”. Most entrepreneurs start up because they want to prove a point…
      Btw nice website batrepreneur.com I liked it.

  2. OK, didn’t looked at it like this.

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