Where the heck is your self control?

I would die to have a lick of it!

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you see this picture?

Yes, you would like to lick it. And who won’t? (I know someone who doesn’t like ice cream, but that is an exception altogether πŸ˜› )

So now since we are thinking of ice cream here’s another picture:

This guy must be really enjoying his job!

Now suppose you walk by this ice cream store. You have already seen an ice cream earlier and your mind is full of thoughts about it. You want ice cream badly, the one exactly like the one you saw above. But you know it’s not possible. Hence you try to “settle” with the flavors available in this store.

Next, you look at the price list.

Damn. You can’t afford it, its cost is equivalent to a week of your pocket expenses.

Now you have two options:

1. Buy it and stay penniless for the rest of the week.

2. Forget about it (temporarily). You can have one next week after you can afford it.

If you’re naughty, you will give me a third option – and it’s really easy.

Steal it.

This way, you satisfy your desire to have ice cream without spending a single penny.

“What rubbish you are writing?”, you will point out.


But friends, this is not rubbish. This is much more relevant to what’s happening today. The next picture says it all.

“Ah, she looks so cute…”

Yes, I am talking about the “rape” incident of Delhi. I don’t want to write about it. The moment I think of it, there’s a burning sensation inside of me, it’s as if for a moment my body is chilled to -100 degrees.

Now, I believe you all are smart and you can all understand and why I said all about ice creams.

Guys, where the heck is your self control? Can’t you control yourself when you see a girl?

Current media and whatever heck it is, they all have managed to project a woman as a “consumable”, just like ice cream, and everyone is dying to take a “lick”. The only problem is, they can’t do it in the open because they are afraid, and hence they try to do it in times when she’s alone and helpless, because that will maximize their chances of success.

And yes, let us not forget incidents that happen at a very smaller scale, the ones that do not result in physical damage to the woman. The “culprits” then happily and proudly scout away while the “victim” suffers injuries to her mind and heart. She may be unable to trust a man fully. Even if the man is the one whom she loves.

A woman is not ice-cream. She’s just another person like you, except that she’s beautiful and graceful, too. Besides, unlike you, she has the super power of giving birth to a new life. She’s the source of your existence. She might be your sister, mother, girlfriend or wife but above all, she’s a deity – a goddess we should all worship. Respect her, and if you can not, please stay away from her.


And yes, develop some self control. More on it later.


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