What, How and Why of BUGSKAN

You might be seeing some of my updates related to BUGSKAN. In this little long post, I want to share what it is, how it started and why we made it.

I started my entrepreneurial career mostly part-time and in 2011, I had made a simple prototype of a simple service that would alert you if your website was down, defaced or hacked. I named it, NetCanine (website watchdog service).

Here’s a video to the demo, watch at your own risk:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llT5AQfgPpI

I put the idea on Rodinhoods.com for review, and got the most brutal review from Alok “Rodinhood”.

Here’s the snapshot –

I knew Alok could be brutal at times, and I just had one foot in the startup world. So it was time for another validation.

I applied and got selected for a lightning pitch session at Startup Saturday. That was the same day when Phanindra Sama was there for a session too. I was exhilarated by the audience.

When my turn came, almost 60% people left simply because Phani left, and I couldn’t captivate the rest, my pitch was a damp squib.

I felt NetCanine won’t make it. I didn’t renew the domain either.


Fast forward – December 2015.

After questioning myself over the lack of interest and repeated failures in the software development service industry, I decided to get back to my original product, NetCanine.

The concept of website security was more relevant than ever in 2016. Besides I got a couple of projects as a security consultant for software development teams. However security was an expensive affair – a security consultant would charge $50/hour for minimum 100 hours.

I wanted to make this thing a little “affordable” and the best way would be to automate things. So we launched the BUGSKAN website security scanner.

First version of BUGSKAN, around March 2016.

We were invited to Microsoft Openness Days 2016 at Hyderabad, where we displayed openly, the architecture of BUGSKAN and got good reviews from senior software developers of many multinational companies.

A Project Manager and Team Lead checking how BUGSKAN works

However no one was buying our product despite 150+ trials. 


One day, a game changing discussion happened with one of our clients when we asked him about feedback.

Generally a security consultant would give a security audit report, which mentioned all bugs discovered, and recommended solutions. BUGSKAN automated the same process.

But what we failed to understand was that by giving the report we are increasing pressure on developers, instead of taking it off. The security bugs would always take the last priority to fix since timelines were designed based on actual business logic and functionality that clients demanded. By the time they went to fix the bugs, it was time for a new report and new headaches.

We decided to make something that solves this problem permanently.

That is what BUGSKAN does! 

BUGSKAN simply stops the hackers before they reach your website.

BUGSKAN has the following features

1. Application DoS Defense– Your data center or cloud provider will provide network layer DoS protection, but application DoS exploits vulnerability in your application code or logic so that the server stays busy and is unable to process genuine customers.

However, BUGSKAN automatically blocks these attacks, keeping your application available to genuine users.

2. Hacker Defense– Script kiddies or hackers try to use automated tools to find out vulnerabilities in your website. This information is further used to plan more complicated attacks.

BUGSKAN not only blocks automated scanners, it also blocks every hacking attempt, foiling the attackers’ plan.

3. Bot Defense – Automated bots are programs that scan your site for either stealing content, or for generating spam traffic. They consume a large amount of bandwidth and mess up with your analytics data. Sometimes they end up generating fraudulent clicks on your ads, resulting in loss of revenue.

4. Spam Defense – Autogenerated or manual content submitted on your website is not only increases the hassle of maintenance, it may contain malicious scripts or backlinks to URLs that can be dangerous to the reputation of your site.

BUGSKAN prevents all kinds of spam proactively.

5. Full SSL Support – BUGSKAN supports HTTPS websites with your own SSL certificate. In fact if you sign up for a 30-day trial till 30th September, you get a FREE Comodo PositiveSSL SSL Certificate worth $49 exclusively on us!

6. Up-to-date Protection – BUGSKAN collects security incidents daily and upgrades its system to provide protection from the newest threat.

BUGSKAN Cloud SoC screenshot

Setting up BUGSKAN is very easy – Just change the A Record in your DNS settings and BUGSKAN starts protecting your website. You can cancel the trial by resetting the A Record to the IP address of your Server.

If you sign up for a 30-day trial till 30th September, you get a FREE Comodo PositiveSSL SSL Certificate worth $49 exclusively on us!

Here’s a link to our website https://bugskan.com.

p.s. In case your website is hacked, we can fix it. Just go to https://bugskan.com.


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