अतिपरिचयात अवग्ना ?











If you’re looking at this picture and you’re smiling, you have almost encountered this situation in your life atleast once.

I work in the IT Industry, our work is “logical” i.e. we have to think a lot unlike other jobs where some physical work is also required. Hence, most of the times we spend discussing problems. It’s very obvious that we share an amount of closeness with our colleagues. In fact, in a typical situation, an IT Professional spends more time of the life with colleagues rather than family members.

In such a case, there develops an emotional bond between people. They acknowledge their strengths and help each other overcome their fears while sharing their passion over the common activities they do all day.

Such type of of closeness is good. But in most cases, it’s dangerous! It reminds me of some sanskrit quote I used to study at school.

अतिपरिचयात अवग्ना ।

It is translated as, “Too much of familiarity (attachment) raises contempt (doubt)”

A girl will wonder, “Why is this boy getting too much closer to me? Is he interested in me?…” and so on.

A boy will wonder, “Why does this girl talk so freely to me? Has she had a breakup recently? Or is she still single?”… and so on.

This creates confusion. And confusion is bad, since you can’t think properly, whereas in IT Industry, entire work is based on thinking.

For an entrepreneur, however, the case is almost different. He doesn’t stay much in the office, he’s almost busy meeting clients, stakeholders or searching them. He doesn’t have time to talk to any team member for more than 15 minutes. He’s much more like a father figure for the organization. Instead of being attached to a single person, he is attached to everyone in the organization! For him, his team is everything he has. It’s more than his family. It’s more than his girl friend. It’s the most important thing of his life.

Now, what do you think? अतिपरिचयात अवग्ना ?




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