To ask or not to ask?

No, remove the smile from your face. It’s not (unlike the image) about proposing a girl. Remember, Entrepreneurs have hard luck in such issues. They are almost broke all the time and by the time they hit gold, all girls have been married.

One of the biggest challenge for the startup is cash. It’s a chicken-egg problem. Do we get clients first? Or do we make our thing ready first? Sometimes what we are making takes some time, and we run out of money. So, we go to search sources of money. One of For an entrepreneur, it’s always about his startup. It’s a battle of heart and mind. It’s like a baby for him, he wants it to grow into something adorable so that he can show it to the world.

The best (and most convinient) ways is to go to an investor. And then, the picture in the post says it all.

I always used to be confused – to ask or not to ask? There have been times when I have been offered investment opportunities for Pratikar. But somehow that double minded feeling comes in. At one end, taking investment means building a better product since we focus on development instead of cash collection. At the other end, you loose that important feeling – the feeling you have started from scratch.

In this moment, I remember the case of Joel Spolsky, the co-founder of Fog Creek Software.  Fog Creek started without investment, and till date it has not taken any VC funding. Still the founders managed to make the company as America’s best workplace. I have some similar ideas. But the best thing I got to know from Mahesh Murthy in his video.

That’s right – the decision is final. I won’t ask.


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