The Test of a Teacher

James was lying in a pool of sewage water in the dark corner of the alley. His spectacles were broken and the flickering streetlights were creating a blurred reflection on his retina. He wanted to rub his eyes but his hands were tied with duct tape. Before he could get a clue, he heard a scream – it was his girlfriend! She was almost five feet away from him, it seemed as if someone was forcing her to bend over the bonnet of the car, while holding some metallic object at her throat. A knife! James wanted to scream but his voice wouldn’t come out. Full of remorse, shame and anger, he tried to get up one his feet and faltered while he tried to kick that scoundrel away from his beloved, because he promised her one day that he won’t let anyone in the world harm her…

Interesting story – I wish I could complete it. But why in a story mood today? Because it reminds me of a situation I faced today. No, it wasn’t a girl – I don’t have a girlfriend 😉 Today was the final exam/presentation of my ME Students, and I was there in the room where the external examiners tortured them to death… (just kidding, they all did very well!)

The reason why we are lagging behind in technology, compared to foreign countries, is because of lack of research – students today want to start earning as soon as possible and they get a job right after graduation. A few of them go for masters’, but mostly they are pursuing MBA or something. The rest of the student join an ME or M.Tech course for a career in academics, since it is mandatory for them to do so. But very few want to research. And even if they want to, they don’t find the right environment!

My friends in the US/UK get a special university grant/stipend if they take a research course there. On the contrary in India, it is really tough to find a research guide as well since there are very few really authentic researchers who can guide. On the other hand, these researchers may not be able to guide you in your area of interest, hence you have to either change your interest or you have to search a new guide.

One of the missions of Pratikar is to promote an environment of research – and hence we have a few research projects going on. You can read more about them here:

Today marks the completion of ALL the research projects. In the final showdown today, five students presented their work at GTU, Chandkheda. And who were the panelists? Nilesh Vaghela of Electromech Corporation – a really knowledgeable person for the Linux platform. The second panelist was none other then  my own mentor – Prof. B.V. Buddhadev. Buddhadev sir has played a very pivotal role in making me realize my true potential, and today he was going to evaluate MY STUDENTS!

I’ll tell you, BVB is no common faculty – he has been building software since assembly-days, he wrote his first banking software in assembly language. Today he is similarly fluent on Android, the cloud and what not. He’s like an encyclopaedia of computer science. Today he evaluated my students and he was quite satisfied with the work they had done.

It seems I passed the test. I will get some good sleep tonight.

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