Solitary Path

I just came back from an almost 9 km morning run. For me, running is more of a confidence booster and stress buster. It’s all about challenging the mind (and defeating it). It helps me pass the rest of my day with utmost confidence.

Yes, its not easy. And that’s why I do it. It’s a solitary path.

Reminds of of a poem I wrote once. It was named The Verge (means, end of the road).

It was about a young man who was a part of a civilization which was migrating from place to place in search of food and shelter, since the world was affected by a drought. Now as you know, a civilization is basically a social structure, complete with people – our relatives, friends, loved ones.

But he started walking faster. He wasn’t selfish – he just wanted to discover things before the rest of his people, so that he can take them in right direction. Far away… he was seeing something… blue and moist. Was it water? He wondered.

He kept moving forward. Faster and faster. He was curious. His people started shouting at him, asking him to slow down and stay with them, warning them about the dangers lying ahead. Ofcourse, no one knew what lied ahead, it was just a figment of their imagination.

He ended up at a dead end. It was a cliff. He looked down. It was a valley beneath, but it was too deep for any rope to reach. He looked back. The people were coming slowly. Mostly they would say, “I told you. You should have listened to elders.”

He didn’t like it. Puzzled, he looked at the sky. The sun was teasing him. It whispered in his ears – “Jump!”.

“Are you kidding me?”, he wondered. He would die if he would jump. But soon, the whispering intensified.


The people were closing onto him. He didn’t want to look like a failure to them. There was something inside him, wanting him to jump. Now he could listen to the shouts of the people very clearly.

“Wait!” they said, “Turn back?”

He didn’t turn back. He jumped. Someone from the crowd screamed. Someone else started crying. Everyone else was angry. Then there was silence.

Someone pointed at the sky. “Look! A bird!”

“No, it’s a fairy…!”, someone else screamed.

In moments, they realised, it was him.  He was flying! Everyone cheered…


Does the story end here? No… it begins here. The fact that social structures turn to be shackles in the path of development and growth should not discourage us from taking the solitary path.


The warrior’s path is a solitary one


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