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Security analytics – Why your organization needs it


We live in the information age, and every business relies on modern technology connected via internet. Businesses growing laterally across geographies use the internet to blur difference of distance and time zones to collaborate with employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

However, with every new technology comes a new threat – and here the threat is cybercriminals who want to harm you or spy on your organization in order to steal intellectual property, damage systems and destroy your reputation to repel customers and stakeholders.

Surely, staying away from the internet will keep you away from such threats – but it will also limit your organization to a fraction of the market.

This is why, for an organization that wants to grow, it is critical to invest in cybersecurity.

Traditionally, security is meant to protect people. We might have the best guns, bulletproof jackets and protection mechanisms but everything would be useless without alert, vigilant guards who would steer you clear of the risk on the slightest alert.

Similarly, in the cyber world, the only way to stay secure is to be proactive. This requires active monitoring of your network for both external and internal threats.  Only people who are constantly updated with latest security threats are able to protect you in this way.

You may have a firewall, IDS or IPS system but they are just tools for protection and just like any other tool they can be bypassed or mitigated. Cybercriminals stay one step ahead of security systems – that is why it is necessary to keep a watch on them continuously in order to keep them contained.

But the problem with this approach means you have to constantly keep watching logs and dashboards to catch a threat live in action. Security Analytics can ease the job for you. In the next series of posts I will explain how you can use Security Analytics to identify key security issues in your company.

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