rain: Keyword not initialized. Type rain –help for further instructions.

#rain –help


rain [/i] [/x] -[Drop size] -[Time]: Invokes drops of water after condensing them from the semi-gaseous state.


/i : Initializes the rain fall.

/x : Stops the rain fall. Time taken depends on number of threads initialized, which further depends on the value of cloud.

Drop size : Any number between 1 to 100 which represents size of the rain drops in millimeter.

Time : Time for rain fall in seconds. Default is 3000.

#rain /i -5

Initializing water droplets….

Calculating cloud size…

The current value of g is 9.82 meter/second squared.

About to release droplets… press any key within 5 seconds to abort…


Rain started at 17:37 with an average drop size of 5 mm, continuing until the next 3000 seconds.

Press Ctrl + C to close this window.

“Shit, it’s raining again… How is an IT guy supposed to carry his stuff in rain?”

“Damn, my Laptop bag is good but the rain is really heavy. Can’t go on….”

“Let me try something…”

$telnet 6985

Connecting to on port 6985…


mainframe@globalcontrolcenter$ su root

Enter root password:

[Enters “IamGod2010”]

Incorrect password. 2 more tries left.

Enter root password:

[Enters “LadiesBoy1985”]

Incorrect password. 1 more tries left.

Enter root password:

[Enters “Idon’tneedapassword”]

#rain -x

rain: Invalid switch. Use rain –help for a full list of commands.

“Come on, come on… what was it?”

[Idea strikes…]

#rain -r

Rain: Current status: Raining.

Drop Size: 5 mm.

Elapsed time: 278 seconds.

Remaining time: 2722 seconds.


#kill rain

The task rain with pid 3172 was terminated successfully.


mainframe@globalcontrolcenter$ exit

Telnet: Disconnected from remote end.


Hope it was as easy as this…

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