The Test of a Teacher

James was lying in a pool of sewage water in the dark corner of the alley. His spectacles were broken and the flickering streetlights were creating a blurred reflection on his retina. He wanted to rub his eyes but his hands were tied with duct tape. Before he could get a clue, he heard a […]

Entrepreneur or not?

That day I was watching 300 on TV. A really nice movie, apart from the blood and gore, and a nice lesson in leadership. There’s one dialog which impressed me: The bearded king was heading to war, and he is met with a team of soldiers who want to ally with them so that they […]

Life without a smartphone – Day 1

Yesterday my phone developed a charging problem. It actually links back to my Ayodhya trip that I had last week, where I used a chinese car charger to continue using Whatsapp while traveling. Karma has its way of teaching lessons, it seems. I am now with a malfunctioning smartphone that has a resistor broken due […]

Life Diary – The Security Farce (Part III)

This post is in continuation to my experiences with the security industry. To view previous post in the series  here. It was my fifth semester. My HOD and mentor Prof. B.V. Buddhadev referred me to a company named Pam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. At PAM Tech I was taking care of the security of their location tracking […]

Life Diary – The Security Farce (Part II)

So the story continues. If you don’t get the hang of it, you’d want to read the first part here. Our college’s computer lab was an interesting place. If you would step in, you would feel as if you are in a graveyard of computers. Intel Pentium II processors with 63.5 MB or RAM (the […]

Life Diary – The Security Farce (part I)

Just got a call from someone who calls himself  a “Cyber Crime Expert”. It aroused my interest since he works for my (former) competitor. It was regarding a previous investigation I had done. This fellow wanted to know the “past history”. His designation was fake. His certificate was also probably fake. Further discussion revealed that […]


I stopped the wall clock It was little too slow How long it will take I wanted to know   I pulled on the curtains And closed all the windows Today I have realized How slow the time goes   Alone in the room I am Staring at the white walls Why do I do […]


Every morning when I open my eyes I see your face Instead of sunrise   I hide behind the trees Like a hunter looking for a clue Watching the clock tick away Waiting for a glimpse of you   What is wrong with me Or am I completely alright? I see your face in every […]