Life without a smartphone – Day 1

Yesterday my phone developed a charging problem. It actually links back to my Ayodhya trip that I had last week, where I used a chinese car charger to continue using Whatsapp while traveling. Karma has its way of teaching lessons, it seems. I am now with a malfunctioning smartphone that has a resistor broken due to a low ampere charger. Thank God I had an old basic Nokia phone as a spare. I fitted the micro sim appropriately into this small handset and started off. Here’s how my day 1 went:

1. Google maps isn’t good for searching “specific places”

I wanted to find a SBI branch around office. Different keywords yielded different results. Finally I narrowed down to two locations near my office but both of them were incorrect.

2. Smartphones damage your memorizing skills

There was a time back in college when I loved to memorize phone numbers. It was actually a game, finding sequences in the ten digits. However since ages I didn’t remember a single number since my directory was “synced” to the cloud. Today I remembered my brother’s number which I didn’t know till now.

3. Those 1000 contacts in your phonebook don’t really matter

Except if you are a stock market or real estate agent or something similar, you actually don’t need 1000 numbers in your phonebook. You just need to talk to a  few people that matter – the rest can be looked up in the phonebook i.e. laptop address book or something since they aren’t much in priority.

4. You feel more attached to the real world

The only thing I do when I am not talking with someone or working on a computer is doing tap tap on my smartphone. But with a phone that you can not tap due to no apps, you don’t have much choice but to talk to people around you. Yes, I had to ask the date to someone, too!

5. You feel lonely at night. Really.

The reason I am writing the blog post right now is because I am not on Whatsapp or Wechat. Almost all my friends have migrated to a smartphone and no one uses Google Talk any longer. Even if they do, they are on the phone and the responses come really really delayed. Hence I am here talking to my blog and waiting till my eyes shutdown in front of my laptop.


Well, this was day 1. Let’s see what the repairing people tell about the phone. Waiting for day 2 tomorrow!




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