Life Diary – The Security Farce (part I)

Just got a call from someone who calls himself  a “Cyber Crime Expert”. It aroused my interest since he works for my (former) competitor. It was regarding a previous investigation I had done. This fellow wanted to know the “past history”.

His designation was fake. His certificate was also probably fake. Further discussion revealed that he was pursuing his B.Com. He then tried to prove that he was a Microsoft Certified professional. Well, he didn’t even know what certificates he had cleared.

Fake. Everything fake. And you’re providing security. WTF.

He’s going to read this post and feel bad about it but I want that to happen. Not because I am jealous or afraid – I don’t do cyber crime investigations anymore (except, ofcourse, the nation demands my services). I just want him, and countless other “inflated idiots” to realize that they need to get a real life.


Let me tell you a story. Right out of the diary of my life.


I was in my third semester. A junior came with the hot news: “Ankit Fadia’s seminar today at 18:00!”

I was always fascinated by his name. I had read his book on Mobile Hacking at Crossword, though I never purchased it because I could finish it right there in about an hour. Neat tricks they were, although all copied from the internet. Anyways we went for the seminar and occupied our place.

After a long wait he was there. He asked us not to surf the internet, not to chat, not to bla bla because we could get hacked. I knew it was just a show-puller for his AFCEH course they were launching in Ahmedabad. Anyway I was there for just the feel of it. People were getting fooled and they were enjoying it.

Then in the middle, suddenly, a young man appears from audience. He claimed to be a cyber crime expert working in Ahmedabad Cyber Crime cell. He challenged Ankit to hack his site right in the middle of the seminar.

Now Ankit Fadia was a seasoned presenter and he didn’t give much heed to this guy. And then everything was wrapped up rather peacefully. The crowd then rushed to get Ankit’s autograph. I wanted a photo. But then it was 2007 and I didn’t have a decent phone so zoom wasn’t possible. I decided to wait until the things get cleared.

In the mean time, on the other side of the stage something was cooking. It was this gentleman who had challenged Fadia. He was surrounded by Ankit Fadia haters. I was impressed by his guts. I asked him, “Can I have your email Id?”

“Find it on my website”, he says, “it’s”.

What an egoist! I thought. “Are you an expert?”, I asked.

“I’m doing my BE affrom Nirma University”, he replied.

“I’m doing my MCA from L.D. Engineering”, I replied back. L.D. and Nirma are sworn rivals.

I left the hall and waited in the washroom until everyone left. Afterwards when Ankit Fadia was leaving I met him and I took this pic with his permission.

What I realized was that my life was going to change from that day – but didn’t know how this will happen.

Soon later at night I visited, read about his projects and sent him an Orkut request. He accepted it. This probably changed the way I perceived the world.


More about it in next part….



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Published on: May 18, 2013

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  1. I find no reason not to put him behind the bars. Just like Dhongi Babas fool our religious society, this guys fools our vulnerable youth who love the sound of hacking.

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