Lessons from an Jedi master to an Entrepreneur

If you are a Star Wars fan, you probably know about Jedi. I just re-watched the movie(s) recently and realized that master Yoda’s training to Luke Skywalker was a aimed for entrepreneurs! I quickly noted the points, and this is my interpretation:

  1. You need to have patience: Most people think that they would start minting money in just a few weeks of starting up. When I started Pratikar my friends were like, “dude you are a businessman and you will earn lakhs”. The truth is, I still barely manage my expenses. I get tempted by job offers and business partnerships but then I turn back and keep doing what I do, patiently, for I know one day all the patience will be fruitful.
  2. Don’t be a reckless adventurer: So many people, when they startup, pose themselves as the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. They talk so much highly about themselves, and claim to be the best. I remember when I was a kid, I used to tie my towel around my neck like a superman’s cape and run as fast as I can to feel like I am flying. As an entrepreneur you are expected to be composed, calm and taking calculated steps towards your goal instead of reckless running.
  3. Don’t fall to the dark side: The dark side, according to Yoda, is quicker, easier and more seductive. You will definitely get tempted to take quick “shortcuts”. Often, these shortcuts are not ethical. They solve your financial problems but they will definitely generate more authentic and persistent problems. Besides, you don’t want to probably tarnish your image because so many wannabe entrepreneurs are getting motivated from you. Lance Armstrong, Vijendar Singh etc. are best examples.
  4. Use the Force for knowledge and defence: The Force, a divine power that empowers this universe, actually exists. The harder you try, the more you’ll know the power of this Force. You can attribute this power to your religious faith, parents’ blessings or even someone who loves you. But its really important how you use this power. Make sure to use it for solving the problems instead of creating new problems. Remember, the dark side is more seductive and it can lure you to misuse the Force.
  5. There’s no Trying: When someone tells me, “I’ll try”, I believe it’s not going to be done. There’s nothing like trying. The world is boolean – either you do it, or you don’t do it. Trying is an excuse for the people who are scared of consequences. Some of my friends say, “I always want to startup, but I will do that after 4-5 years”. Believe me, you don’t want to startup after you have a kid going to kindergarten. Now’s the time – go ahead.
  6. You fail because you don’t believe in yourself: In the first year of my graduation, our mathematics professor told the entire classroom while pointing towards me, “This boy can never pass [mathematics]”. I believed him and failed. In second year of my masters’, I saw the Statistics textbook and I thought, “I can never pass this test”. I failed for three consecutive times. Once at a Startup Saturday I was showing a demo of Net Canine and people started walking out. That’s because I believed that the audience won’t be able to understand the product. Today, Net Canine’s code + Statistics + Mathematics = Anatag.
  7. Size does not matter: Sometimes you are surrounded by senior, much experienced people who are running million dollar companies. These people have Macbooks, iPads, Blackberrys, Volkswagens and bla bla. You’re a startup, your bank account is mostly zero and you take a bicycle to work to cut fuel expenses. But yes, with the help of the Force, you can use your knowledge to solve the problems, and the very people whom you’re scared of will seem like just another human being on the planet. That’s the power of the force, no matter how small you are, you can make the impact.

Feel free to share it and interpret it in your way.

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