Presented Anatag to an international delegation at GCCI

149428_10151574360076894_2069946981_nThis Friday I had a chance to speak about Anatag at an international event. It was under  “The International Programme on Innovative Leadership for Organization Growth & Excellence“. This program was targeted to the foreign delegates who were engaged in the area of developing leaders and inculcating entrepreneurial culture in their respective countries.  The main objective of the programme was to develop them as professional innovative leader.

I am really thankful to GCCI for choosing me to address them in the aspect of innovation. In my presentation, which lasted almost 45 minutes, I showed the guests how Anatag can be used as an effective way to solve major problems in the segments of Education, Tourism, Healthcare, Commerce and Governance.

It was a delightful experience in what I shall call my best presentation ever – not because I spoke – but because I was really interacting with the audience even though they were having different languages and accents. But as they say, the language of innovation supercedes everything else, or that was what I experienced.

I found out that more you share your ideas, the better it becomes. For the matter of fact, 40 people from 25 different nations gave me brilliant insights into how my [seemingly useless] product can be used to solve many of the world’s problems. I wish many thanks to all of them!

Out of topic: Someone from the audience tried to compare the quality of Indian products with respect to Chinese products. While I was a bit baffled, Ms. Bhagyesh Soneji gave a brilliant self-experience of how an Indian lock turned out to be more effective than a Chinese one. In fact, I noticed a  similar thing today on my visit to my old home.

After the event I realized that the world is much more than just USA, London, Australia or New Zealand. While many of the software developers out there are looking forward to minting dollars working that extra hours, the world needs attention from genuine problem solvers.

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