Error Detection and Correction

Yesterday on our way home our car wheel got punctured. That was the third puncture in the last few days, and I had been almost an expert at replacing the wheel. However it was late night and we were tired. So we stopped the car by a “Kerala Tyre Service”. Out of 8/10 puncture shops have the same name, mysteriously. Unfortunately they were having their dinner so when I asked them to help us replace the wheel they sent one of their inexperienced “interns” to us.

This intern asks me if we had a jack screw. I showed him our car toolkit and he was lost among the tools. To save time we ditched him and decided to fix the wheel ourselves. In excitement I removed the bolts and dad pulled up the jack. I swiftly removed the punctured wheel and tried to fit in the spare wheel. But it won’t fit in!

Turned out that the surface under our car was uneven, hence we needed to raise the car by a few 2-3 more centimeters. The jack screw was at its max capacity and it couldn’t go higher than 2 cm, we still had 1 cm error to correct.

To me, there was only one option – screw back the old wheel (since it had no air it would fit easily), and move the car to a leveled ground, and then replace the wheel. The puncture guys were watching the show, seeing how helpless we are.

My dad took out the sharp pointed key from the keyhole and pushed the air valve of the spare wheel to release some air pressure. He kept releasing air pressure until the spare wheel was “depressed” by 1 cm. We fitted the spare wheel, and then got the air pressure checked.

I was wondering at the sheer intelligence my dad had shown – and the best thing is, he never bragged about it after the incident. But the solution was really quick and easy. It was real old school experience!

It made me realize how easy it is, to find errors, and to solve them. It doesn’t matter if the error is in code, or in life. What matters is a clear and focused mind. That can help you solve any damn problem! What a way to end a Diwali vacation, and what a lesson to remember for the new year!


One thought on “Error Detection and Correction

  1. Intelligence that uncle showed is what I called ‘experience’ and ‘presence of mind’. As newbie, what we do is just think solutions in only few possibilities, when there are many more. When any idea strike in our mind, we only think around it and try to improve that idea only, like you say “To me, there was only one option…”; instead of thinking alternative ideas.

    This is what we have to learn from our elders.

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