Dreams and ambitions

In a dream you focus on what you want, everything else is blurred out.

I am sure you dream at night i.e. in sleep. No, don’t say NO. My dad always says, “I never get dreams, how do you people get them?”. Well, you always dream, but in most cases, you forget them while you are waking up.

A few days back, I was at “lunch” with a friend of mine. Considering that I was on a fruit-only intake and we had to make it quick, we just entered a fast food joint. It was a nice, small cafeteria. My friend ordered a sandwich and I had no other options except fruit juice. Back in the evening I was just recollecting daily memories to summarize the day I realized, this was exactly a dream I had seen almost one month back! The same situation, the same people, the same square tables, same brown chairs and even the same items!

However what I didn’t notice in the dream was:

  1. The date/time
  2. The place/cafeteria
  3. The clothes we had worn
  4. The waiters and other non-playing characters around.
  5. The situation in which we ended up at the place.

Why? Because in a dream, the object of interest is in focus. Everything else seems “blurred out” and you can not focus on them. The dream lies in the memory of the subconscious mind while our conscious mind seems that it has  “forgotten” it. And so when the real incident happens, which resembles the dream, there’s a feeling like “Deja Vu” i.e. “I’ve seen this before!”. Sadly Bollywood film makers haven’t been able to put this into a decent script.

These are the dreams that we see when we are asleep.

There are some dreams that we see when we are awake.

The world calls them day dreams.

I call them Ambitions.

Have you ever wished for something? Do you have a desire to get a new car, or to be the college rockstar? Do you want a job in a multinational company? Or do you simply want to be loved?

Have you ever had an ambition? If yes, have you tried to visualize it?

If your ambition is a car, you will be able to see the make/model/colour of the car but NOT the place where you will buy it.

If your ambition is to be college rockstar, you will see yourself on a stage with a guitar and cheering of the crowd, NOT the pretty faces in the audience.

If your ambition is to be loved, you will see yourself with the people you love, but NOT anyone else.

In all these cases, you are focusing on “your object of interest”. Try to visualize other things around, the more they seem blurred, the more focused you are.

Now tell me, isn’t an ambition a dream? Yes it is. It’s a dream of the conscious mind. And since the conscious mind accepts it, the subconscious mind does it, too. The more you focus, the more stronger your dream gets, and one day it comes true.

Once I attended a presentation/workshop by an eminent speaker and I dreamed that I will speak like him. And today I AM an eminent speaker. Not boasting but I have taken more than 200 presentations/sessions in the past few years and my audience ranges from students, faculties, professionals, government employees and even law enforcement agencies.

At Bar Camp 2, Entrepreneurship Development Institute. I look fat. This was 2010!

Yes, I look fat in this pic. And I dreamed that I shall look better “once”, and now that I have lost a few kgs, this dream has been true, too.


But these are all tiny dreams. My main dream is Pratikar, and I see it daily. Hourly. It does not go from my eyesight even for a moment. This is the dream that overpowers everything else that could have mattered – love, money, fame bla bla…

Every morning when I wake up and I go running, I run for Pratikar. When I eat, it is for Pratikar. When I sleep, it is for Pratikar. When I make a new friend, it is for Pratikar. Even when I reply to a message on Whatsapp, it is for Pratikar and Pratikar alone!

“This idiot thinks that he’s the only guy with a startup”, you will think. And that’s exactly what others should think about you, if you want to make your dream come true.

Share your dreams with others. Your friends will love it, haters will criticize it and enemies will try to destroy it. But for sure, everyone will start believing it 😛

One day, when Pratikar will be the best technology company out there, this blog post will turn to be a source of inspiration to thousands of dreamers all across.

Keep dreaming.

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