Remember the day when we used to run like this kid with a few metres of thread tied to a kite? I still remember. I didn’t know how to fly kites and hence I had to rely on others, I had to wait until someone would fly a kite and hand it over to me.

One day, someone at school challenged me, “You can never fly a kite on your own”. So I decided – today I will prove him wrong. I reached home and got my old kite, it was a dark blue one  and it was slightly torn on the edges. I first fixed it by patching in with newspaper pieces. It was all ready. But one problem – no thread! If you need to fly a kite, you need a roll of thread and not a few meters!

I remembered where mom had kept last year’s kite threads and I hacked into the cupboards to get it. Soon I was on the terrace, before everyone had started. Fortunately, three strokes and the wind carried my kite away. In moments it was flying. It went farther and farther.

In a few moments, my cousin came. She asks, “Where’s your kite?”.

“There”, I pointed towards the sun. My kite was looking like a dark spot on it.

“That black one?”, she asked.

“It was actually blue when it was here on the ground!”, I replied.

Somehow I felt proud. I was eight years old and I flew my own kite!

I was happy, rather, because I had done what I had determined.

I forgot this incident. Until recently I remembered it again. This time, it wasn’t a kite. It was (and is) a startup, Pratikar.

We all have wishes. That’s not bad. In fact, its good. It is a proof that we are all human.

But it is not the “I want to have a dark blue hooded sweater with white stripes” kinda wishes.

It is the wish to get you always wanted, despite people saying, “It’s impossible”.

It’s  about either fooling your mind or tricking it into believing that you can do it, no matter what may be the obstacle.

It’s about showing it to the each and every person who has called you a failure.

And in the end, it’s about just going to bed peacefully.


I have been lucky to have determined people around me – such people serve as a constant source of inspiration. People who have been through struggles just to prove their point. There’s a boy who used to fail in college and he was blacklisted. Today he just won an award for best contribution to upliftment of society. There’s a girl who was probably neglected as she was a girl child and today she’s earning more than her entire family income combined together. There’s a man who was criticized because he was physically handicapped, and now he runs a company that is empowering 2000+ people by providing them regular and assured income. There are perfect, live examples of determination.

It’s their determination to change the way the world perceives them.

So now you ask, “That’s okay, but every time I try, I fail :(“.


Don’t worry. Try again. Work harder this time. There is nothing like luck, it’s all in the mind. There’s only one thing – hard work, hard work and hard work. So go and pull some weights, run that extra miles, burn midnight oil, eat and drink books, blow up the laboratory… do everything but don’t stop doing it…

There have been many incidents where I felt I should drop Pratikar and resume my life of a professor, feeding on government salary and torturing students. But then I retried. And I will continue trying and trying until the Pratikar is the best technology company in Gujarat.


What’s your determination?

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