Very few movies make it to my “recommended” list. One of them is Iqbal.
I was in second year of my Bachelors’, and I wasn’t quite sure of what I would do in the future. I always wanted to become a popular technologist but then it was too vague. My parents would ask me to pursue an MBA or Civil Services. But I knew routine jobs wouldn’t excite me. Starting up was a faraway dream. My friends were flying to the foreign countries. And my grades were horrible as usual. A midst all the confusion I found some gap and rushed away to watch this movie, Iqbal.

The movie is about a talented young boy who is deaf/dumb but can do awesome bowling. His father wants him to work in the farms. The boy wants to be a cricketer. He and his sister secretly sneak into a coaching camp and get caught one day.

The coach asks him to demonstrate his skills. He is able to bowl a few good deliveries and hits the stumps everytime. The coach then orders the batsman to try him.

Iqbal gets confused. The moment he sees a person standing in between him and the stumps, he loses his actual charm. He is actually, afraid.

We all are confused about things in the beginning, but soon it all gets clearer in the mind. We can visualize the goal, the target. It’s present right in front of us, and the path is clear. We start running towards it with all might. And then suddenly, we see that we’re not the only one – there’s someone else running beside us – but who is really faster!

Yeah. I am afraid of competition. I am afraid of losing. Not because my competitors are faster, but because I know my struggle is much more harder than theirs. I’ve given up everything I could have had for one mission and goal, and now there’s no turning back.

I am ready to face it. Bring it on.

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