What, How and Why of BUGSKAN

You might be seeing some of my updates related to BUGSKAN. In this little long post, I want to share what it is, how it started and why we made it. I started my entrepreneurial career mostly part-time and in 2011, I had made a simple prototype of a simple service that would alert you […]

WannaCry – Tips for avoiding Ransomware attack

Yesterday 5/12/2017, the world saw a massive ransomware cyberattack codenamed WannaCry that spread globally in a only a matter of minutes. Many websites will share analysis of the attack but for now we need to be aware about how it can be secured.  WannaCry, like every other ransomware, encrypts your files and asks to pay Bitcoins […]

security analytics

Security analytics – Why your organization needs it

  We live in the information age, and every business relies on modern technology connected via internet. Businesses growing laterally across geographies use the internet to blur difference of distance and time zones to collaborate with employees, customers, suppliers and partners. However, with every new technology comes a new threat – and here the threat […]

Use Cases vs Abuse Cases

Probably the first (and the simplest thing) you might have learned as a software engineer is Use Cases. A typical use case diagram for a Contact Manager application would look like this: This is pretty handy, except that it limits the software engineer from visualizing possibilities how the program can fail. A robust software requires […]

Stuxnet – Shortcut to Malware

On July 16, 2010, Microsoft Malware Protection Center revealed a new breed of malware which, as one would have expected, is designed to exploit Windows PC users. This particular breed is referred to as Stuxnet. Removing all the technical complications, it becomes clear that this is going to be the worst variant of malware ever faced. Reason? […]

Twitter and Security

Twitter has, like similar social networking sites, raised many security questions – especially when it comes to whether businesses should allow employees access in the workplace. While many businesses have adopted Twitter as part of their marketing arsenal, they would do well not to lose sight of the problems: time-wasting by employees, malware attacks, scams […]


#rain rain: Keyword not initialized. Type rain –help for further instructions. #rain –help #^C rain [/i] [/x] -[Drop size] -[Time]: Invokes drops of water after condensing them from the semi-gaseous state. Parameters: /i : Initializes the rain fall. /x : Stops the rain fall. Time taken depends on number of threads initialized, which further depends […]