An Entrepreneur’s encounter with emotions

It was the initial days of my starting up, and it dated back in 2010. A close friend of mine called me an “emotional idiot”. It wasn’t quite a compliment and I didn’t like it. I still remember the “compliment”, but it hurts me no more.

KoalaIn fact, emotions don’t affect me. Yes, when there’s some stressful situation I tend to eat more, but I balance that by 15 km cycling everyday. Sometimes I feel I am no longer human ­čśŤ

While I am writing this blog post, a movie is being aired on TV, it’s named “Moneyball”. Watching the movie made me reflect a bit on the inside. How does an entrepreneur encounter (his and others’) emotions? Here’s how:

  1. Perceive: The human body language is an open book. It is possible to read what’s going on in someone’s mind by observing his/her face. As an entrepreneur it has been very helpful to me when I read the face of people whom I am talking to. It helps me decide what to speak when my turn comes.
  2. Translate: Emotions can be destructive. Comic characters like “The Incredible Hulk” perceive the subconscious notion that a negative emotion like anger or hatred can drive a person insane. Entrepreneurs, however, are powered by some different energy and they are capable of translating even negative emotions into positive outcome. Some of the fantastic software i.e. Facebook is born out of ┬átranslation of emotions.
  3. Understand: Most “Professionals” consider people as an “asset” and they don’t take into consideration the emotions attached to the person. But if you try to look into the feelings of a person e.g. your team member, you will be able to understand the thoughts in his mind. This thoughts can help you take better informed decisions.
  4. Manage: Finally, a startup is all about what people think about their chief promoter i.e. founder. When you are confused, your team will get confused and will loose faith in the work they are doing. If an entrepreneur appears calm even in seemingly stressful situations, it will empower the team for better performance.

The best thing you will find is that you will be in complete control of yourself.

Conquer your emotions!

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