Aladdin and the lamp

Once upon a time, there was a care-free adventurer named Aladdin. He is young, energetic, and has a crush on the princess whom he wanted to marry. But alas, it was just a dream.

Aladdin was barely managing his survival, until one day when he was offered an opportunity that would change his life. It was a golden opportunity, but he felt as if something wasn’t right about it. A man was offering him a large reward in order to fetch a “lamp” from a cave. May be he could then get the princess, Aladdin thought.

Accepting the challenge, Aladdin finds the lamp. It’s an ordinary one, and he doesn’t find anything special about it. “Why does it matter?”, he wonders, as he imagines the “reward” he is going to get.

He reaches out of the cave, and asks for a helping hand to the man. But the man asks him to handover the lamp first. After  he gets the lamp, the man pushes Aladdin back into the cave in order to trap him.

Fortunately, the lamp is also trapped along with Aladdin in the cave. And we all know that with the help of a powerful genie, Aladdin is able to change his doomed destiny.

The question is:

What if Aladdin never found the genie? Would he be trapped in the cave for life? Would he be then repenting on his decision to take the mission? Would he blame his luck… or the man who put him in such a situation?

If I were Aladdin, I would regret my decision to take a shortcut. There is nothing like a “stroke of luck”. What appears to be an instant reward is actually an outcome of the conscious and clean efforts you have made over a period of time.

There’s nothing like Aladdin’s Lamp. You are your own genie.

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