The Test of a Teacher

James was lying in a pool of sewage water in the dark corner of the alley. His spectacles were broken and the flickering streetlights were creating a blurred reflection on his retina. He wanted to rub his eyes but his hands were tied with duct tape. Before he could get a clue, he heard a […]

Entrepreneur or not?

That day I was watching 300 on TV. A really nice movie, apart from the blood and gore, and a nice lesson in leadership. There’s one dialog which impressed me: The bearded king was heading to war, and he is met with a team of soldiers who want to ally with them so that they […]

Life without a smartphone – Day 1

Yesterday my phone developed a charging problem. It actually links back to my Ayodhya trip that I had last week, where I used a chinese car charger to continue using Whatsapp while traveling. Karma has its way of teaching lessons, it seems. I am now with a malfunctioning smartphone that has a resistor broken due […]