Hide and Seek

I searched for you Under the bed Behind the cupboard In the garden shed I said your name aloud I hummed your favourite song I whistled, too, but no reply Is something wrong? I thought it was just a game You’d hide when I come around But you’d just be round the corner Eagerly waiting […]

Lessons from an Jedi master to an Entrepreneur

If you are a Star Wars fan, you probably know about Jedi. I just re-watched the movie(s) recently and realized that master Yoda’s training to Luke Skywalker was a aimed for entrepreneurs! I quickly noted the points, and this is my interpretation: You need to have patience: Most people think that they would start minting […]


I, too, have colours But I choose to show grey My determination is rock solid But I pretend to be clay   I can fly away from everyone But I choose to be on the ground My voice can rock the nation Yet I silence my own sound   Make a thousand attempts But you […]


The dogs are after me Where will I flee? The fog is everywhere There’s nothing I can see!   My heart misses a beat As I take a step While no one is around From whom shall I get help?   Fear has gripped me This night so dark Is it hope that drives me […]