Dreams and ambitions

I am sure you dream at night i.e. in sleep. No, don’t say NO. My dad always says, “I never get dreams, how do you people get them?”. Well, you always dream, but in most cases, you forget them while you are waking up. A few days back, I was at “lunch” with a friend […]


  Remember the day when we used to run like this kid with a few metres of thread tied to a kite? I still remember. I didn’t know how to fly kites and hence I had to rely on others, I had to wait until someone would fly a kite and hand it over to […]

Why an entrepreneur is similar to Batman

Well, who doesn’t like Batman? My online identity was “The Dark Knight”, inspired from Batman. That was in 2006, way before we knew that it was going to be a superhit film by Christopher Nolan. I liked the original Batman – The Animated Series. It was realistic and intelligent. But Batman movies as well as […]

The Triangles of Life

When I was a school student, there was this magical figure in my textbook. My teacher said, you can’t get all three things at the same time. If speed is more, either distance is less or time taken to cover is less. When I grew up, I started writing software. I realized that the computers […]

Solitary Path

I just came back from an almost 9 km morning run. For me, running is more of a confidence booster and stress buster. It’s all about challenging the mind (and defeating it). It helps me pass the rest of my day with utmost confidence. Yes, its not easy. And that’s why I do it. It’s […]