To ask or not to ask?

No, remove the smile from your face. It’s not (unlike the image) about proposing a girl. Remember, Entrepreneurs have hard luck in such issues. They are almost broke all the time and by the time they hit gold, all girls have been married. One of the biggest challenge for the startup is cash. It’s a […]

To Do List

[edit] This was a  private post till now. But I am making it public, because I believe wishes can be fulfilled if the universe knows 😉 This is a list of items that I want to do in life: Sky Diving Bungee Jumping at Rishikesh Seeing the Valley of Flowers Making a hit movie A […]

An Entrepreneur’s Life

My parents, family members and my friends want me to have a beautiful life like this: But I chose to do something exciting and heart-racing, like this. It’s totally worth to have an adrenaline rush. Sometimes, there are accidents. People laugh. But I won’t stop. I will stand up and try again. Like this spider. […]

My blog, revived.

Hello world. This is the first post from my new blog. Needless to say, the old one has been deleted. But this one is permanent. While I am busy fixing the website, this is just a small post to say “Hello”.   See ya later 😛